Natural Health Hybrid Therapy

Natural Health Hybrid Therapy

Accumulated her immense valuable experience working in health institutions, Hong Jie created her unique Natural Health Hybrid Therapy - anchored with a comprehensive personalised health assessment and adjustment. Combining the best of traditional chinese medicine, nutritional and medical essences, Hong Jie formulated the "Eight Major Factors Affecting Health" assessment and "Cleanse, Adjust, Supplement, Health Nourishment" (C.A.S.H) theory, deriving to "Circulation and Balance" methodology to help many patients, even for those so-called "intractable" diseases" which were abandoned by western and traditional Chinese medicine, to recover and regain their health!

Eight Major Factors Affecting Health

Traditional Chinese medicine regards "men" as "yang" and "women" as "yin". With emphasis on the root cause of health issues, notwithstanding seemingly identical physical symptoms and appearance, the root causes will be fundamentally difference between men and women. Hence, the need to adopt appropriate health adjustment and maintenance.

Our level of health and age are closely related. As we age, our body cells and organs will react differently to factors like dirts, pollution, agitation and external environment resulting in damage and ageing. Similarly, our metabolism rate will change as we age. Hence, health status should be determined and confirmed with respect to age.

The personal character is a great determinant to one's health status. Our emotions will get affected in different environment and time, which will be detrimental to our health. Emotions play a very important role in the process of health adjustment and recovery.

Every country has its own food culture. Adapting to the local environment, eating habit and adhering to a regular lifestyle will be beneficial to health. On the contrary, eating foreign and non-natural food and not eating according to the natural rules of physiological organs will have adverse effects on health.

Before the health adjustment, it is of utmost importance to analyse and assess one's physical status for implementation of the health adjustment plan. Factors including one has the ability for self-care, duration of illness and severity of symptoms, will be considered before customising a health adjustment plan.

Our physical environment has a long lasting effect on our health. The effect of love & concern, cultural education, economic status and religious belief have far greater impact on one's health than modern medicine does. People growing in a warm, harmonious and happy environment will have far better health compared to those drowning in desires, sadness, struggle and pain.

Subjected to one's living environment and conditions, one will adopt different treatment methods when they have health problems - western medicine, TCM, folklore prescription, health care products or even just ignoring it! As such, the method of health adjustment will also has to be customised.

Collecting customer health data through scientific inspection is an important method to judge the health level of customers or the degree of existing problems. This will pinpoint the root cause(s) of pain and illness, hence, facilitating an accurate and precise health adjustment.

C.A.S.H : Cleanse - Adjust - Supplement - Health Nourishment


First is to clear and remove the "toxic signals" from the environment. Wrong thinking and mentality often diminish the positive energy. As such, natural health hybrid therapy is used to detox such harmful effects to the body organs and blood.


Health adjustment is achieved with our hybrid therapy - using our specialised equipment with electro-magnetism feature - to energise the body cells, "breaking up thick blood" to enable smooth blood circulation and revitalise health.