Improve your health with HongJie’s “personalised” Natural Health Hybrid Therapy!

HongJie is the founder of Singapore's "Natural Health Hybrid Therapy". With more than 20 years of professional experience in a series of health adjustment services (health consultation & evaluation, health testing, health product development & sales, health training and other related series of activities). The company has its own brand, REVITALIFES. "HongJie" believes that if everyone's body system is unbalanced, health will definitely appear. Therefore, “HongJie” put forward the theory of "determining the eight major factors affecting health". Developed a series of "personalised" health services "Cleanse, Adjust, Supplement and Health Nourishment" (CASH). The focus is on the three cleansings: cleansing blood toxin, cleansing internal organs, and cleansing dampness (damp cold and damp heat). Achieving "Circulation and Balance" is a health goal! Helping many customers to restore their health with no injections, no medication, safe, fast, no pain, no side effects, no cross-infection, and green environmental protection.

The service features are combining Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) theories with the laws of nature, and rationally applying modern science and technology. Using the human body's bio-magnetism, bio-electricity and the magnetism and electricity generated by nature, physical methods are used to allow the body's cells to achieve the balance of charge potential and energy through the magnetoelectric effect. At the same time, through natural food products (exclusive to our company), the "garbage" in the blood and internal organs of the body is cleaned up in an orderly manner. Let the body achieve all-round "balance". Therefore, many customers can get rid of their illness or alleviate their pain through a period of health adjustment (many customers only once). As long as customers and their families actively cooperate in accordance with the health adjustment plan, the effect will be very significant. At the same time, the people regard food as their heaven. Customers are required to use the products of nature to regulate their health.

At present, there are more than 6,000 customers in 18 countries who have received health adjustment services. From babies born under the full moon to 97-year-olds, countless testimonies are true and effective.

“HongJie” treats all patients personally and seriously. In addition to the normal hours of service and everyone, we often serve patients outside of business hours (even holidays). She studies hard every day to improve her abilities. Many times to China Hong Kong (Famous Doctors and Prescription Research Association), Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine, together with famous old Chinese doctors, learn Chinese medicine clinical experience and on-site guidance training. She also consults older people anytime and anywhere to obtain different traditional experience "home remedies". “HongJie” is also honored to receive personal guidance (far-infrared temperature control clinical guidance) from Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, a well-known expert and Professor Li Hongjuan. Affirmed by the Singapore government and related departments. Only public health seminars, there have been more than 400 sessions in Singapore. Obtain various certificates and trophies. At the same time, it has been approved by the SkillsFuture SG education training designated by the Singapore government, and the course is "the same source of medicine and food"!

Through hard study and assessment, “HongJie” has obtained the qualifications of "Senior Nutritionist" and "Traditional Chinese Medicine Manager" recognized by the Chinese government. In addition, she has also obtained the ISO quality management system training certificate, Myhealth customer management system operation and KINGDEE training certificate issued by the Singapore government.


“HongJie” often said : “It doesn't matter how many certificates you get, the important thing is how to adjust the health of customers. Treat customers' health needs as their own tasks to complete”.

Hai Hua International Pte Ltd, Singapore (UEN: 200414644W) was founded by "HongJie" in 2002.